Hello reader!

I won’t lie, I am a struggle blogger. Ok my first post will be about the reasons I think I should blog ( sigh. The struggle!)

Ok people!

To help me see that I am not alone in this struggle

To help you see that you are not alone in your struggle (if you have a blog or any other struggle)

To give me something meaningful to do while listening to Music 🙂

To make a difference

To get on a talk show (don’t laugh)

To make you proud

To make me proud

To try to make sense out of all this craziness

To get a bit of attention (honesty is a good thing)

Because I think it is needed

Blogging is the new trend.

Because I want to have my own URL

To get over my need to make everyone proud

Because I am jealous of bloggers

I feel like I have no talent.


Ok I think that’s all of it.

I have a theory…

One day when each of us are finished with this world, we meet Jesus at the gates of heaven.

Even though there are many people waiting, God will call the strugglers to step forward. And then tell us we have struggled enough. He will lead us to our castles, and complement us and thank us for at least trying, even though we were oppressed by those other ___ bloggers. And then we are rewarded with an eternity in bliss, while those ___ bloggers, and writers lead a mediocre existence laying tile in our palaces.

I usually remind myself of this theory while reading other peoples posts. I know it’s all true, I tell myself. It’s just a matter of time. 🙂

P.S. if you struggle with other things too, this is for you. Much love my friend *taps your shoulder and sings in Michael Jackson’s voice*

                                                                               You are not alone

                                                                              I am here with you

                                                                             Though you’re far away… c’mon you know the rest of the song!

Oh LOL after this post, I do not know what else to post. Please help a struggler out GOD! But I know I must post this. (Le struggle)

I also do not hate or dislike creative writers you guys are like dah bomb! please do not get me wrong.  I.JUST. WANT. TO. POST. SOMETHING!





Thanks for taking out time to read this post. May God bless you and your generation.



4 thoughts on “I HAVE A BLOG!

  1. I luv u joanna…nd even tho ur crazy,I love d blog alredi too…may God mk it bigger nd help a struggler out,lol

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