“Wow! so beautiful chicks like this are still

“Wow! so beautiful chicks like this are still on Facebook?”

It was 2400 hrs and Tunde decided to check out Facebook out of boredom. He had lots of requests and messages from boys (imagine)… and girls. This particular chick caught his eye and he accepted sharp-sharp.

This babe. Beautiful. She had such gracious round hips you would have thought she was a goddess. Round breasts. They made mouths water. Her belly. Sexy flat. Her round face made her look ever childish. Big eyes, even babies loved to stare at them. She wasn’t tall (judging from her profile picture) She had full lips. Of all creatures on earth, I bet God took extra time creating her.

Even you! Will not think twice accepting her request.

He wondered why a girl like her will send him a request. I mean she was meant to be proud. She wasn’t even supposed to be on Facebook. Facebook. People do not use it. It has become the place for the people who are new to technology, reserved, and godly people.

She was purr-fect! She was the babe of his dreams.

“Such lovely breasts you have. Mo gbe! See hips… Waw!” He was facsinated. He knew that face from somewhere he thought, but where? 

They began to chat…

She had a good character. Too good to be true. Whenever he came complaining after a long day she listened and comforted him. She collected his number and sang for him always on the phone but she ended it immediately after singing. She told him all about her very christian home Tunde thought she was sent from heaven.

He asked her for more pictures of her but she declined. She told him to save the photos on Facebook. (You know now. Boys gatts boast about their babe)

He decided to move further and ask for her skype ID she declined. She said she did not like skype.

She wanted them to build their friendship on facebook. *singing ‘facebook love’*

My guy tunde was impatient. He was hungry for this babe. After all she said she wanted to marry him. Mama Tunde had been praying that all the demons working against tunde getting a wife be consumed. Tunde had money. MAAAAD money. He wasn’t attractive. No. No. He looked like stockfish. He just felt blessed to have found this 8th wonder of the world as his to-be bride.

He sent money to her account every month so her glow wont fade. He spoke to her parents often. Those ones. ever dramatic. Like they were the bride-to-be. They fought over who would talk to Tunde.

So after a year of Facebook loving. Tunde decided to bring his wifey home to meet mama.

This egg, Tunde’s sweetheart flew all the way from Kenya to meet her husband.

My guy was excited He blocked his whole street because of her. Cars were not allowed in or out. (you see love?)

They had arrived. Tunde searched for this goddess, He did not find. He was frustrated. He almost cried. Did she miss her flight? It wasn’t possible. Or did she swindle him? Ah. No oh. Sango will just strike her. He sat down face in palm. When he heard a very masculine voice saying…

“Hello baby”

“Excuse me? Do I know you?” Tunde snapped.

“Of course darling. Your-bride-to-be”

“Look black-shit you must be joking. I am pissed right now so just go away.”

The dude broke down and began to cry. Tunde just moved away. Then after 30 minutes of pondering, He went back to ask If he was serious. Babe-dude said yes. He asked her-im for proof. He showed him the picture of his private part that he sent to her(apparently him)

Tunde collapsed.



3 thoughts on ““Wow! so beautiful chicks like this are still

  1. Loool,poor guy,see what face book love does..neva get to into ppl u meet online until u’ve really met em real life nd can den judge 4 urself

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