PROBLEMS ASSOCIATED WITH NIGERIA… A View from an inexperienced youth.

“Most countries are born out of shared ideals, and common identity. Nigeria was simply created to fulfill a business requirement.”- Anon

It is well over 50 years since the Englishman came to colonise us. Free from the chains of colonialism. A country striving towards being one of the important, most civilized nations in the world. Nigeria, a country with the happiest people, spread well across every part of the world. An active country, respected despite the dark sides of which no nation can be exempted of. I remember when I was much younger, between nursery and primary school, my mates and I were made to recite this poem:

Nigeria is my country

A place of joy

Where mummy was born

Where daddy was born

No matter what happens

Nigeria remains my county.

As a young adult now I see the sense in these words. What is wrong?

When the whiteman was done with his deals in Nigeria, he left a country with a promising future. He did not see the disadvantages of unifying a people with different cultural backgrounds into one country.

The North, South, East and West in their great numbers are enough to make small nations. No matter how small, would be justified with the fact that they share the same beliefs, and culture.  A cultural pride that would have become national pride.

It is both a blessing and a curse that Nigeria is structured this way. A country rich in culture and diversity that when showcased is an extraordinary jaw dropper. I tell you partly of national pride and utmost sincerity that no nation in the world is blessed like Nigeria.

Nigeria has gone a long, long way in self-rule. France, Britain, The United States of America, even China have had their fair share of suffering before they became what they are today. However judging from the phases of leadership in Nigeria from the first republic, military regimes, second, and then third republic, Nigeria is far below expectation.


United we stand, divided we fall.

United we are Nigeria. Everyone sees that, but the skeleton that holds the body is damaging little by little. Let’s say Nigeria did not have 3 major ethnic groups. Let’s say there was nothing like major or minor ethnics. Nigeria would have been extinct. The whiteman in all his foolishness, did us one favour… uniting a pronounced group of ethnicities. Now this favour is also a major problem destroying Nigeria day by day.

As if this is not enough, the business and stresses of religion is added to the troubles of the country. Then the doctrine of democracy that has somewhat worked for the inventors of it, after their 20 years of experimenting  (first and second world wars) was brought to a nation, at first under-developed, and lacking the prerequisites of what exactly should be called a nation.

Democracy is a big failure in Nigeria. Honestly.

The crisis in Nigeria started way back. Since the early years of independence, but the failure to tackle these problems has led us to the chaos of today.


Young Nigerians, the acclaimed leaders of tomorrow, the eye of Nigeria, the ones who the fathers dream will make a better Nigeria. Nigeria’s hope of salvation, vision, strength, are late on arrival.

The 21st century was born with greater use of technology. Laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. It gave birth to social networking. It has succeeded in making communication easy and it is very reliable. Well the problem is it has become a major distraction for these young leaders on the way. Not that I am not guilty of sometimes exploiting technology, but in these past days and all the events happening it is clear that Nigeria’s division is not the only problem, but that it’s youths are also a big problem.

Maybe we are fed up with the Government; everyone has lost faith in the Goodluck/Sambo  administration. Maybe we are scared we wouldn’t be heard. Maybe we are scared of dying young, but my question is WHERE THEN IS THE STRENGTH OF THE COUNTRY? It’s in us… the youths.

Shouldn’t we use the media for the right purposes?

What most of them talk about are ‘money, pussy, weed’ the problem is that the countries that have invented these words are better advanced than ours. We spend precious time tweeting, and doing all sorts on the internet that are sometimes, well… unprofitable.

We insult other countries telling them about how superior Nigeria is; how we are the giants of Africa; how no other country can insult Nigerians except us…

Excuse me bruh, it ends only on which ever social networking platform you are using. Have you ever wondered how hopeless you look when you insult these other Africans who have more dignity than you do? Has exchanging typed letters given you electricity? Has it employed you?

If only we could direct just a quarter of these insults to the Nigerian senate. The useless pride we have. Looking for ways to keep up with the madness of technology; imitating the better advanced countries whose currencies are not as devalued as ours.

You give them a platform to be heard they trample on it and make jokes. You see why Nigeria has no future? And then when there are a few of them trying to be heard, the carefree ones shut them up with simple but hurtful words like ‘Calm down’

I do not sit here on my bed to damn my peers, for I know that sometimes I am guilty of some stupidity. I write this only to bring to light some of the things that make Nigeria a failure even at 53.

I also know that this write up (as brilliant as I think it is) will get no more than 6 views of which 5 are my friends (thanks to the concerned one) Since Nigerian youths do not like to read anything intelligent as it is either too long or boring or doesn’t involve stories about sex, pregnancy, you know the rest.

However if you think you do not fall under the ones who ‘do not like to read anything intelligent’, please understand that I had to generalize because this defect is on the Nigerian youth of which you are… I suppose.


“Every man possessed of reason is accustomed to weigh evidence and to be guided and determined by its preponderance. When various conclusions are, with their evidence, presented with equal care and with equal skill, there is a moral certainty; though some few may be misguided, that the greatest number will judge right, and that the greatest force of evidence, whatever it is, will produce the greatest impression” – J.S. MILL. The Liberty of the Press


21 thoughts on “PROBLEMS ASSOCIATED WITH NIGERIA… A View from an inexperienced youth.

  1. Thank you for sharing your opinion, and I sense your frustration. I fear we in the so-called West also struggle with youth issues. Individual rights, for example, have become an accepted demand, but there is a lack of individual responsibility. In many instances this gives rise to a very selfish culture where immediate gratification has become paramount, irrespective of what (invasive and damaging) impact it might have on others.

  2. Very well written…there are soo many issues bothering nigerian and nobody seems interested,our youths should pls tk out time to get themselves in more important tins oda dan social networkn nd even if they want to do this,they should use it as a medium to voice out their opinions and make a positive impact…soo many important and sensible points made here,I just wish more people would be of this opinion…nice write up!

  3. Very well written! Hits the nail exactly on the head,dere r soo many issues Nigeria has to deal with and our youths are not wud be very helpful if dey cud channel deir views on social media to more important issues other dan d alredi above mentioned of money nd all that stuff…I just hope more people read this and actually decide to start mkn a positive impact.Nigeria nids us…nice one!!

  4. WHOA!! This really makes you check yourself as a nigerian.
    Its a much needed wake up call 4 nigerian youths.WELL DONE and THANK yOU.

  5. Welldone! Plenty facts Nigerian youth need to find from this post but only if they’ll ever be patient enough to read it to the end without thinking its too boring or more likely too lenghty.

  6. True words, the world is growing technologically by the second and not just Nigeria but every other African country is taking last in this race to being economically vigorous. Lets face the facts Nigeria is a very young country compared to these European, American and Asian countries. No provision of jobs, No admission, what do you think the youths will do? They feel TALK has been going on for years and corruption has not been eradicated from government territory. Bringing all these factors together, Idleness strikes and we run the wherever gives us comfort be it social media. Lets face the facts Nigeria has so many problems and the youths in hand with their social media disease is the least. Great write, i’ll be sure to share.

  7. After looking at a few of the blog articles on your website, I truly like your way of blogging. I added it to my bookmark site list and will be checking back soon. Take a look at my website too and let me know what you think.|

  8. You should be willing to hire assistance with coding and data entry and analysis as needed. How else would you already know how good or bad your work is if you do not show it to others.

  9. This is a good tip especially to those fresh to the blogosphere. Brief but very precise info… Thanks for sharing this one. A must read article!

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