This is a diary on my transition to natural hair.
Natural hair is beautiful, please embrace it!
Today is Wednesday 8 May 2013. Oh first of all, I LOVE AFRO! I was busy disturbing Google last night at about 12:39 for afro styles that will fit a round fat face like mine, but Google gave me results that did not really suit me, but all the same I saw some really cool afro styles… I swear, I can’t remember what exactly inspired me all I know is that I want  my natural hair back.
·        I love afro
·        Making braids or weaves in Brasilia DF is very expensive (kilode!)
·        Besides there is hardly anybody available to make my hair.
·        I now see the beauty of natural hair and I want it back
and I won’t spend too much money buying weaves and fixing all the time (it’s easier to go natural)
… I don’t seem to remember any more reasons, but anyway I’m going on this journey and THERE IS NO TURNING BACK!
Of course I have insecurities… the MAJOR insecurity is my lack of front hair. The front hair is thin, scanty (so I’m almost bald) I have a round face and I think it’s fat, and my forehead is pronounced. Then I have scanty hair (like generally)
Whenever I relax my hair, my little babies in front just disappear and I end up looking like God forbid. I dread braids. Besides the fact that sitting for over 5 hours is excruciatingly painful for me, the front hair factor just kills me.
I relaxed my hair for the first time in J.S.S.2. I did that because my mates were not exactly enthusiastic when it came to making cornrows on my extremely soft natural hair, but when it came to playing with it, they rushed it. Then I was a helpless tribalist( well not really). The hairdressers that came on Saturdays and Sundays were Yoruba women and I heard lots of stories about juju with hair and the rest so that one was a no go area… so I thought relaxing it would be better. 2nd term J.S.S.2 I came back with relaxed hair… it wasn’t all that, but at least I wasn’t with my ‘nachi’ hair (that’s what we called natural hair) and I thought I wont have to cry anymore for anyone to make my hair (I’m a cry baby) but I found out that it was still the same story, in fact, it was worse. So one visiting day (after I cried because no one wanted to make my hair) I rushed out of the gate, marching like an angry soldier, headed towards my mother’s car, on a mission to CUT MY HAIR. I had had it to air-level (i used to say this a lot in sec. sch. and i’d rough neck along) After the hugs and kisses I squawked ‘I want to cut my hair’ my mother was shocked. She begged me not to, but my mind was made up. I was even lucky to have crossed-over boarding house gate without anyone harassing me because of my unmade hair. I wasn’t even ready to waste time on hair when I was anxious to eat my mother’s food. So she drove me to my guardian’s house and we made use of a scissors.
Of course it wasn’t equal, but at least I had the honor of not having to beg anyone to make my hair.
Well after that I still relaxed my hair in S.S.1 but it was a lot better and since then I had been relaxing.
I never used adult/ mature relaxers. I used baby relaxers because my hair is exxtreemly soft… well until I started using Dr. miracles last year.
I believe that my natural hair will bring out my beauty, even with my insecurities. Currently, I’m on weave and I plan to loosen it next month. I hope that by next month I’ll begin to practice all the tutorials from Youtube and other blogs I read. No more relaxing, and i’m going to use pure natural products to treat my hair, like washing it with Dudu osun  (black soap) I read that it is very good, and luckily I have enough to spare 🙂

So for now i’ll be taking care of my front hair cos i’m wearing a fringe, and it’s easy to lift the bangs and moisturize the hair around my temples.
I’m really excited. LOL. I planned not to tell anyone about this decision, but 30 minutes ago i found myself tweeting about it.

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