To My Beautiful, Young African Ladies


I believe that they are very few souls more perplexed than the one of the young african woman. Society, unintentionally, led her to question her beauty. And her men, due to tradition and circumstance, have “tamed her” and made her weak. Neither of her attackers, Society and Man, targeted her specifically in hopes to scar her, but simply strived to succeed and be optimal in their own rights.

A l’Oreal shampoo ad portraying a beautiful blonde with silky smooth hair does not aim to make the kinky-haired African woman feel less than beautiful, but simply to sell their shampoo. The cover of every magazine being splashed with the skinniest, fair-skinned, slender-nosed, petite-mouthed starlet was not a bite at the African Woman’s thicker, darker, wider-nosed, fuller-lipped physique, but just a Hollywood ideal that over time has had some terrifying side effects. To add to the insecurity that this began to build…

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