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I’d like to tell a tale of warriors… Culled from 1samuel 17.
See you on the other side

Do not be deceived by the smaller muscles of the nearest man, do not trust in your bigger muscles, pride goes before a fall.

This is an attempt on a re-tale of the famous battle between David and Goliath.

Gehazi Lefthand: Ladies and Gentlemen you are looking
live at the Bank of Jerusalem Battlefield in South Israel where
today history will be made. I’m Gehazi Lefthand alongside
Isaac Herbel, happy to have you along for this historic
matchup between Goliath of Gath and David of Bethlehem.

Isaac: Yeah, you’d have to be a simple Canaanite to be
unaware of the storyline here. For over a month now,
Phillistines Head Coach Madgiv Thomas has been sending out
his 6-time All-Star Goliath to battle an Israelite. The 9-foot, 6-
inch giant’s…

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