Vision 2020. My Take; Nigeria will not reach this goal.

By 2020 Nigeria will be one of the 20 largest economies in the world, able to consolidate its leadership role in Africa and establish itself as a significant player in the global economic and political arena.

Vision 2020; Youth Empowerment and Restorative Empowerment.

My Take; Nigeria will not reach this goal.


I will not deny that Nigeria is growing or ‘developing’, but what makes a country developed is not the economic boom. America is developed, but its economy is a failure. So what then makes a country developed?

  • Good-Long-lasting-Durable roads with very strong road networks
  • Sound health care- Nigerian health care is inconsolably poor and not affordable to the average Nigerian. We do not even need a thousand ‘government’ hospitals. All we need is that ONE hospital in a community that has more than enough wards for its women and children. That hospital that has quality employees that do not spite its patients. That hospital that is near perfect and trustworthy.
  • Reliable Education- If Vision 2020 seeks to empower its youths, then stop telling them to write JAMB. Stop blaming them when they fail JAMB because it actually is the fault of the Government. We need good learning conditions, so that all the Nigerian youths can feel safe to school at home. Employ QUALIFIED teachers; those who have a PASSION for what they are doing. Decentralize the ministry of Education.

“I’m not a fan of technology. I’m a fan of pedagogy, of understanding how people learn and the most effective learning methods. But technology enables some exciting changes”- Donald.A.Norman

“Children must be taught how to think not what to think”- Magaret Mead. It’s the opposite in Nigeria.

“A good teacher is more important than technology in the classroom”- Graig Barrett. This why some students do not like going to school.

“The main hope of a nation lies in PROPER education of its youths”- Erasmus

  • ‘Operation Feed the Nation’ Does it still function? I do not think so. Americans can never be ‘hungry’ even if their economy is in shambles because they have food.
  • Good housing system. Look Nigerians are too many, and not everybody can afford to buy land. Let’s imagine they chase Nigerians all over the world back to their homeland, we will burst out. We would have to move to space. So I am suggesting this.

The government (since they love so much responsibility) should build structures like the ones below. It is fit for senators too. We should learn to manage land in Nigeria in the best and modern way possible. You know, something like the buildings in 1004. It is better than those bungalows they build with cheap materials. When we have structures like these all over with affordable rent, do you not think that life will be easier? It also saves us from those low-cost buildings that hasty landlords build, that collapse and endanger lives.Image

  • This should have been the first. ALL WE ARE ASKING FOR IS LIGHT. This is why industries overseas are functioning properly. In Rivers state, they can generate their own electricity, but our dear government has told them not to use it, if they are not sending it to the central power body. How does this make sense? The central power house; PHCN will then distribute the light to the north( The most unproductive part of Nigeria) See why is think vision 2020 is a joke?
  • Water. Give Nigerians water. Portable water. Then vision 20100 will work as well.

If all these things are available in Nigeria, then we can be called developed. Our industries will grow. We will compete with China because we are more than capable in Nigeria.

So…  this is why I believe Vision 2020 like its predecessor ‘ 7 points agenda’ will be nothing but word of mouth.

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8 thoughts on “Vision 2020. My Take; Nigeria will not reach this goal.

  1. Kure I’m proud! Good one;hopefully our nigerian leaders wil think ds way and start implenting these so that things get better in Nigeria nd deir vision 2012 can work out

  2. Hello Joanna that is a good one, and am proud of you. Keep it up my dear the sky is your beginning. Donot loose hope on Nigeria we will get there.

  3. None of these things can happen if the government does nothing about corruption in our society. We cannot have good roads or a good housing system when the people who are put in charge of carrying such projects are corrupt.

    1. Yeah, but there is no country without a corrupt government. they can be corrupt for all we care, but they should provide the basic things needed for the nation’s survival. Thank you though, I DON’T LIKE YOU!

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