Just a fall. Theinexperiencedyouth on death.

There He was on the floor. In a pool of his own blood. Helpless. We all were, for we couldn’t bear this sorry sight. He woke up happy. It was the second day of the semester. He sure had goals for this semester. He wanted to meet new people, but death met him first.


I saw an ambulance directly in front of my amphitheater. What happened? “He fell. He fell” People all around taking pictures. I assumed he fell from the second floor. We all waited in silence. As if to say he was dead. The first aiders, holding one thing, or the other trying to save him. I wanted to be there. I wanted to do something to help. I’m sure others felt that way too. He was losing lots of blood. Was he going to make it in the end? He didn’t. He gave up finally.

… 3 hours later, some people are dancing salsa; others are registering for courses and visiting their monitors. Everyone is happy to be alive, and in school. People living their lives; not as if it were their last, but as if it were just beginning.Image


The way it happens so quickly. Life really moves on. I could feel and see the sadness that filled the hearts and minds of the students watching. But 3 hours later, it is like nothing happened. After my sociology class, I passed the spot and it felt like nothing happened. We may think we know all about death, but we have no idea of its duties. Death went about its business in the early hours of the morning. It appeared in a different way. Just a simple fall it was. It could have happened to anybody. He fell. He fell. The people around him at that time were taking pictures. They did not notice the way he was breathing.

Was it a coincidence that a medical student was passing that campus at that time? Was it destined that after he had given his password and name he would bleed from his nose and mouth?

Rest in peace, brother.


2 thoughts on “Just a fall. Theinexperiencedyouth on death.

  1. Death comes calling in any form we should learn to be good people at all times. Love thy neighbor as thy self. Keep it up.

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