Internet Memes; a few of my favourites.

The internet of the very ‘liberal’ 21st century has evolved into a practical joke. What I love most about what social networking is this new concept of memes. They are just freaking hilarious.

Most times, the reasons why the memes are applied do not make sense. They won’t even be funny, but commentators just slip them into the comments and they just make people like me drown in laughter.

The way I arranged them also, I think they kinda form a convo. Dunno if y’all can see it though. Anyway, thanks.

Here are my favourite memes.

why aliens wont talk to us. NOTE FROM NASA…       Most people use this when someone does something really, really, really stupid. I mean the meme says it all. Yeah I know I am stating the obvious, but read anyway.


Go Michael, beat that child!!

This on the other hand is for silly people who need some good whooping on the ass for their extreme error on the glorious internet.


Uncle Obama made it to the meme society!!! Well the photos say it all.


The face of this boy though. I mean, I won’t even beg him for that ice cream with him. In fact I think his sister asked him for it, and he gave her that look.

You know, the best way to enjoy these memes is after watching Vine videos. We all know Americans are crazy right? So watch vine videos; and you’ll know what I’m talking about.




Hory sheeeeeeeeeeeet!

1098070_386040521517976_554367788_n   This is just funny.




1184761_559741334084012_1118337942_n                17761_437582769688162_1381869484_n 526441_574078692634561_2098301725_n 1000584_597226646987259_793812536_n 1004942_590437667666655_898443444_n 1095042_167705686748963_1854485906_n 1146488_570313643033420_164029821_n 1150419_159806307544940_520152859_n 1157490_507013149373721_1377230942_n 1185453_640042992686132_1347745225_n 1185800_701935399822583_92008981_a 1146584_351951578268893_916387397_n 1001720_520991671311807_241085477_n 998934_190915034418529_314704069_n 998759_489652604461360_478546521_n 935881_220622488094800_102223249_n 555289_538426762877306_89540928_n 547198_510732815671784_2108936795_n 525711_609806349064823_1597034350_n








There are a lot more, but these here are a few of  my favourites, so to say LOL.



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