Blah, blAh, BLAH!

Dedicated to; Geovana Alves.

Thanks for making my short, but long distance walk short. Thank goodness you found your bus jit (just in time)




I’m not sure if my day intended to be long today ( well school wise) but unfortunately it did.

Oh yeeeeaaaah!

Have you ever been lost beyond discovery? Like more lost that the cast of Lost? That was how lost I was today in class. I understood nothing, so I went to the “I’m lost page 😀 “ of my notepad and began to write BLAH BLAH BLAH… Yadda Yadda Yadda. I made an attempt to grasp as quick as possible words that were spoken in a sing-song romance language but all I could get were random words that will make my study all the more tedious.

Oh wellll! It did not matter anymore at 6:30 it doesn’t even matter now because I walked with someone who made me realize that it doesn’t matter your dilemma, what matters is that unexpected moment where you are with someone that makes you really happy.

What matters is that Glorious-beyond-imagination cheeseburger right in front of you

What matters is knowing that tomorrow will be better than today

What matters is what matters to you. That special thing you are doing, or did that put a smile on someone’s face. Not just any smile, but that kind of smile that reaches the corners of the mouth and makes the eyes squint.

It never matters if you are taking a bus ride from north to south pole (is that even possible?) :s

It never matters if someone is speaking bad of you or planning some mean stuff.

It doesn’t even matter your race or culture or social background.

It doesn’t even matter if your professor was extremely misunderstood or boring.

Oh hell no! It doesn’t matter if you own a car.

What matters the most are those things that make life (apart from being way too eventful) indescribably beautiful.

So whenever you realize these things, or experience these moments, the world becomes like a barking dog and you are free to block your ears and scream blah, blah, blah at the world.


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