Do language barriers stifle inclusion and growth?

Fair Brum

Here’s a thought. If you as an English speaking person with no second language moved to a none English speaking city in somewhere like Russia, you move yourself, your family, everything lock, stock and barrel how would you fare?

Would you easily make friends? Go shopping? Meet new people? Or would you  seek out other English speaking immigrants and associate only with those?

How would you find a job?  What if you were a fully functional, intelligent person, How would you go about portraying that to potential employers and move beyond anything other than the most menial tasks? How could you fill your potential and fulfil your aspirations if others around you had no idea of what you could achieve?

This situation is faced daily in neighbourhoods across Birmingham.

In the cities schools  English is a second language to a large proportion of pupils and with a percentage of  those listed as having special…

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