One Day, There would be a movie about us….

Same thoughts I have. She wrote it better.


American movies are known for hope, an overwhelming degree of hope, and life. It is particularly how the stories are arranged logically to appeal to emotions and sense of reason at the same time—especially at the same time. These movies have various themes they work with: hard work, love, living and thriving, hope, faith, race and generally the journey through life.


As one of the many film export consumers, I love these movies. I love them because I enjoy their wit, glamour, sense of justice and the lease to live. On many occasions, I have daydreamt about how my life would play out—if it ever could—on the American ‘silver screen’: the actor who would play my life’s tale; the screenwriter who would have the job of documenting my actions in a believable way to appeal to a general audience but the part of this ‘future’ movie that I am…

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