You were told You are black, but You were not born black. The word is foreign because no one at home calls You black. Yet Ivete says You are black.
You were at the beach when William and Sophia were talking about coloured women. You wondered what made them coloured. Then You realised they spoke about your kind of people. But they are also coloured. Their skin has also got colour. So why aren’t they called coloured as well?
You’ve lived your whole life being looked down upon. As if You do not know anything, because You are of a certain colour. Joseph your brother has been associated with all sorts of crime because of his colour. Your father a master’s degree holder is driving cabs somewhere for undergrads.
You were told that there are humanitarians against colour discrimination, but they are guilty themselves. They aren’t all pious themselves. They did not give your sister a job because of her colour. When she went searching for another, she was given, but without pay. Your hair is different. You cannot understand why. Mabel won’t talk to You if You do not perm it.

Yet you remain there? In a place where you aren’t valued?

I see You are trying to fit in.

Samantha and Claudia have said they will help you with school work since You do not speak English as a first language. But they are somewhere else drinking beer and saying all sorts of mean stuff because you cannot speak their language. They are very pretentious and it hurts you so much.
Oh I know how much You want to try! But nothing good comes out of all the work. You want to speak but those vicious eyes. They have told you that they aren’t even perfect speaking, but when you talk, they stare at you like You have just said the devil’s prayer.
You are like a new born again. You do not know your left from your right. You go over the same routines everyday without friends. Then you remember that back home Martha, Mariam, and Margaret were always there for you.
You live a life without any standard yet you wouldn’t go back home? You won’t even find another oppurtunity.
Oh YOU know how intelligent You are. You will always remain a mediocre for some reason because this world you are has made it seem that way.
Yet You remain here.
Most nights you stay awake cashing on life here. Yet you do not leave.
You aren’t even sure what you stand for. Are you?
You were told it will change, that your predecessors went through it. But You aren’t the same. You are your own person. You are intelligent but You have barriers that have killed your spirit.
Yet You remain there.
You hope things get better and I sincerely hope they get better for You.
While You remain here.


3 thoughts on “You.

  1. Whats on your mind? that is our world, and yet do you blame them? Our leaders have refused to make our homes a better place to live and for the generations unborn.

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