Give and Become a Hero.

“What is the ultimate purpose of life?”
What were we created for? What do we think of the people around us? What do we do help the ones who aren’t as privileged as we are?

When you complain that you do not have iPhone 5s, do you remember that there are people who do not have anything to eat?
When Jesus came, he came for the lost, the ones who did not have anything. The socially retarded and forgotten people. That is what christianity is all about. That is why we are called ‘Christians’ because we ought to behave like Christ did.

Below is a video of Nayaranan Khrishnan, asking you what the purpose of your life is.

Be a hero today, and help the needy because unknown to you most times, your god; your deity blesses you far more than you can imagine.
Even if you cannot give, tell your friend who can to do so.
You are helping someone by speaking up.


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