In Praise of the Land I Call Home. Nigeria at 53 :)

Image This is me in the spirit of celebration alone in my room. LOL

Soldier Go! Soldier come!
Nigeria is 53!
I am somewhere on my bed listening to Nigerian legend Fela Kuti and thinking about life in the beating heart of Nigeria- Lagos. At this point in my life and knowledge I am happy with what Nigeria has achieved these years past and where it will be in the future.
My main concern (and will forever be) is Nigerians.
I won’t go about condeming the Nigerian leaders.
I won’t go about preaching about the obvious. As Nigerians you know what is not right about us.
I won’t even bother talking about the show stoppers- Boko Haram.
Every Nigerian has their theory to why Nigeria is not where they want it to be.

My writing today is only in praise of the land that taught me morals.
The only place in the world where you are suffering and smiling.
The land that taught me to be strong even in the harshest conditions
The only land where the the local meals have a spiritual connection with you.
The only place where its original beat and music takes you on a whole new journey to self discovery
The most energetic and vibrant place on earth
The only place in the world that has the most diverse and beautiful people joined together by God.
My country
A place where the happiest people live even though we are not as grand as the western countries.
A place I can call home anyday, anytime.
The land that birthed my parents and where I will birth my own children.
The only place I want to be identified with no matter what people think of us.
I hail you.
We Nigerians may not be worthy to be indigenes of a land as blessed as you are, but we are what make you who you are, and you are what makes us who we are.
I will sing aloud and celebrate you today even if I am the only one to do that because you are my fatherland.
I will celebrate you because where others had fallen, there you stood strong.
I will pray for you because I know what you have got the potential to be what you want to be and not what the world or your (most times) confused citizens want you to be.
…Likewise, Nigerians I urge you all to do the same. The hardships, the suffering, the pain, the laughter, the tears, are what make us who we are. Keep your complains and pessimism for anyother day but today. We should actually stop being in a hurry to be like the big countries. They are who they are and whatever situation they are in makes them who they are. We will heal, but on God’s terms and conditions.

Drop the resentments!

Today is not the day to pick up arguments and fight.

It’s a the day to rejoice, and thank God for the milestones we have reached.
God Bless NIGERIA!


4 thoughts on “In Praise of the Land I Call Home. Nigeria at 53 :)

  1. Yes Nigeria will be great with young people like you who think for the best of the country hope is not lost.

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