The Government Is Not The Nation

Thought Catalog

I was born in Nigeria, and despite only living there for a little over four years, I (will) always claim that I am Nigerian. I’ve lived in the States longer, and the country I’ve lived in longer than here is Botswana. However Nigerian I am, I know that these three nations in particular, have shaped my identity the most. I do take into account my European influences, which are also intertwined in my experiences in African countries because of the historical political and socio-cultural influences. I think that this kind of “global citizenship” while is such an immense privilege that has allowed me to take up multiculturalism as part of my identity, makes adapting to my surroundings second nature. It has also had the effect of making me feel foreign everywhere I go, even in the nation whose identity I claim.

I perceive governments and nations perhaps in a way…

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