THE BAND- Newsboys.

Newsboys! Newsboys! Newsboys!
They are just so unapologetic for who they are and the God they serve. They are totally awesome and truthful.
Words cannot even express how much I love this band. Newsboys are THE band.
If you are a conservative christian (does that exist?) you may think it’s just a couple of drunk rock boys holdin’ the mic and singing whatever comes out of their mouth. NOT!
That’s what I thought at first because I understood nothing and their genre- pop rock (most of what they work with) is not e’en my genre so at first I was like the lost boys, until I decided to google the lyrics of each song. (Look I am very patient. I downloaded the whole discography and I will listen to each album one at a time)
I just wanted to share my best songs so far
They are;
Reality (From Take Me To Your Leader album)

Lost the plot…
Oh what on earth am I saying? THE ALBUM TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER IS JUST MASSIVE. OKAY?? Shout Hallelujah somebody!!
I am just really excited and glad I’ve got the oppurtunity to discover and listen to good music
So… You too, listen to them and I promise you, You will love them and love God.
The album for tonight is Hell Is For Wimps. The other album was my lullaby last night and I continued this evening (It’s that awesome!)


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