Charismatic chickens strut their stuff


CNN Photos

Think you know chickens? Ernest Goh wants you to take another look.

The photographer was struck by the birds’ natural charisma when he recently took portraits of them in Malaysia.

“If you look really closely or you just take more time to observe the chickens, you can see human qualities surface: temperament, facial expressions,” Goh said.

Many of these chickens are actually pageant contestants, raised as pets and entered into competitions across different villages in Malaysia. Judges inspect each chicken and choose winners based on their physical assets but also their strut and their showmanship.

And these birds can definitely show off.

“When they went on the stage, they looked like runway models,” Goh recalls. “Once they know they’re on stage, they automatically perform in a way. They puff up their chests, strut a little bit more. They’re not trained to do this by their farmers. I think it might…

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