My Beef With Nigerian TV stations

I couldn’t have written this any better.


1. NTA

Have you ever seen the background of NTA’s 9pm news? It’s horrible! It looks like someobody threw up. (Ok it doesn’t but you get my point). I have been watching NTA news since I was born (because my mother hardly ever misses it) and I have never seen a very clear NTA channel. Their video resolution is always somehow. The picture quality is always poor. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a black and white TV or 3D tv it’s the same nonsense. Need I mention their news is a joke. It wasn’t always a joke, but now it is. If it’s not “President Goodluck Jonathan, today…” It’s one minister or one governor or something else. I wonder if they are capable of reporting anything other than government propaganda. By the way, can someone tell them to stop wearing that traditional attire, it’s too much.


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