Letter to the Nigerian Music Industry.

It’s pretty upsetting, how Nigerian music has degenerated.
One would rarely find music from the 60s-80s in the market. Even if one found anything close to that, it would be some kind of pirated compilation.
I hate that I cannot go to my local music vendor and get someone like Tosyn Bucknor’s album.
The Nigerian music industry makes it hard for other genre’s to be absorbed, it’s really annoying. I’m happy for the re-establishment of bashment, thanks to Cynthia Morgan, Patoranking and Burna Boy.There are Nigerians who listen to rock. Why can’t the industry absorb talents out there who have the art in them? It’s not only the oyinbo man that can do rock now, abi?

There’s New Age, funk, alternative (fill genre)
But it’s like one has got to make some kind of bam-bam, jim-jim, pangolo music to be accepted.
Life isn’t all about Afro-beats. We cannot keep working with this all beats and no lyric pattern.
We live in a society where many issues are hushed.
They say ‘Don’t talk, shh!’.
We are taught to look away when something that affects us all happens.
I’m happy for the likes of Jesse Jags, Asa, Brymo, etc.
I just really think we need a whole lot more of these kind of people with good lyrics.
We aren’t always clubbing and hitting bangerz.
In a typical Nigerian album it is Bam-bam Jim-jim Pangolo – 50%, auto tune -45% and 1% for the moderate music.
I hear artistes say ‘I’m doing it for the art’, but most times for some of these artistes there’s basically no art. Where is the art if there’s just one genre?

Art is limitless, In my opinion.
Then there’s the excessive use of auto tune Puh-lease don’t make me deaf. Abeg!
There’s more to life than your numerous haters. We all have haters, get over yourself and give us good lyric.
I’m sincerely tired of hearing musicians telling us to shake booty. What about those numerous girls who don’t have booty to shake?
One would scroll through music channels and find one jollof music or another playing.
Very disheartening.
I think I’m done.


The inexperienced youth.


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