Political shenanigans and jagbajantis.

This here is another political rant — or not — that the market women, artisans, drivers of Nigeria will not get to read. Just like the others they have now used to wrap bole, puff-puff or fried yam.
These group of people have become victims of baseless propaganda. The same media telling them not to be violent is the same media government-shaming an opponent. I’m neither in support of Mr. Jonathan or General Buhari and this writing is not to castigate them either. My problem is with the friends of these presidential candidates who have taken it upon themselves to campaign and endorse the candidate of their choice.
Whatever will be written here will not be new to any reader but let it still be that it was written anyway.
The politics of the West is characterised by liberals, conservatives, communist or socialists, capitalists and so on. They camapaign, shape policies and give qualitative arguments /debates — using economic tools like graphs and charts — based on ideologies they believe in, likewise the voters or citizens. Notice how many Nigerians who could afford to watch the presidential debate between Obama and his opponent followed it like they were Americans themselves.
But, of course, in a country like Nigeria, with over 160 million people of different nationalities, the only campaign or political tool that can be propagandarised is Religion.
I wonder, sometimes, how God must feel, having people claim they know his mind. It is pretty difficult of course to read the mind of a fellow human — well, except if one is gifted in the art of the occult — talkless of a supreme God
Now, mama Bisi the market woman doesn’t know that the church — Mosque or shrine — has no business with state. Don’t be quick to call her illiterate. However, politicians, camapaign managers, friends of politicians, religious clerics, and traditional rulers are aware that she and so many others like her, who unfortunately make a great percentage of the Nigerian population are ignorant of the fact.
This is why politicians and their campaign managers do not bother to work on the intelligence of the candidate’s speech, or its implications. That they are aware that a greater part of the electorate falls under the lower-middle class, they spend time getting customised bags of rice and wrappers, because they are aware that the people will vote for whoever shows off his capabilities to ’empower — I dislike the way it is used in Nigeria—‘ them with perishable goods.
The politics of twitter is quite an interesting one. One would find intellectuals with such impressive profoundness paying their two pence and one nairas in the form of opinion from behind their screen. Whether these people believe the things they say or not is left to them. But they are a part of a small percentage that are not ignorant of the many flaws that constitute the politics of Nigeria.
They are the ones that know that the world has become a global village and aware of international politics being the order of the 21st century
They are the ones who get to research and find out more information on a particular issue if they choose to. They are the ones that do not just take in false propaganda because they are aware.
Kanayo’s driver said he will vote Mr. Jonathan, not because he is competent or intelligent, but because if General Buhari comes in, he will turn everybody into muslims.
As for some parts of northern Nigeria, like Plateau that is crises-torn, will vote Jonathan not because they actually think him a man of the people, but because Buhari is Fulani and a Muslim and cannot be trusted.
So, the electorate is divided into 2. The ones who claim they have to choose between ‘The devil and the deep blue sea’ and the ones who chose the christain because the muslims have an agenda that the rest of us are yet to see. The former form a small percentage, while the latter forms a greater percentage of the electorate.
Now this is where the media comes in. Since the latter have made their choice already, why not feed their fears? Why not let people with subjective opinions pay their way through into causing disunity? What happened to ethics? Or is it because bad news and everything bad sells faster and gets greater audience.
The victims of baseless propaganda. political shenanigans and the various mind games that lead to violence are the poor and ignorant.
I sincerely hope the elections go on smoothly and there are no casualties and our dear politicians accept whatever the electorate decides in good faith
In the meanwhile, dear Nigerian citizens discuss political issues with friends, family and colleagues, but do not impose your beliefs on them
Vote for the candidate of your choice and do not let anyone convince you otherwise.


One thought on “Political shenanigans and jagbajantis.

  1. I’m in the first group. We are between the devil & the deep blue sea and I already know which one I’m going with. This religious propaganda is so harmful and the thing about it is, after the elections are over, these seeds of discord will remain. They have been sown already. So many of our politicians would rather keep the masses here. Keep us dumb or unaware. So much ado about religion, but how religious are the bagas who have been milking the country dry? Where is the fear of God? Hopefully one day soon the base will realize that these politicians do not give a shit about you, or care for your spiritual wellbeing or tribal supremacy. At that 1% level, they all live peacefully with one thing in common- money.

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