Na Brokin be we Lingo.

Good evening, my country pipo.
Some kin tins dey my mind to talk about we country, especially our culture. Today I wan write about Brokin and how e dey bring all of us to become one for we country.
I don talk bifor sey I no believe in One Naija, sake of sey some kin kata-kata wey dey sele for we government no go let me gree. But di tin be sey Brokin don dey change the way we dey relate. Brokin dey help us wellu-well to sabi tins. E don tey the days when only ajepaco and alaye dem dey speak brokin, now even ajebo dey speak am. even for school sef, sum of us dey fire brokin. As una sabi sey no be one tribe or region get brokin, but e be like sey dem Bendel sabi di thing wellu-well sha, Chai! Brokin don grow pass the small-pikin-talk level as dem book people dey call am. E true sey English na like aradite wey dey hold us gidigba, but the real truth be sey brokin don grow as an aspect of English, con mix with di Naija lifestyle, con dey kakaraka. Mek I add sey history and popular events don con shape brokin english. Book people put brokin for one category called Creole. Creole na English-based, but Brokin just dey peculiar to Naija pipo. Today brokin na misture of Igbo o, Yoruba o, ati Ausa sef. All the lingo of Naija dey add for inside they shape am. E just dey as an aspect of Nigerian Culture wey dey evolve everyday — I wan add seh yes, we get Nigerian culture, but I go yarn una wetin I think about am.
Back to di matta.
Me I for like if brokin go dey betta small so we go dey use am for official parole. E go become we Naija lingo, we first language and we no go shame to dey speak am. Some book pipo don sidon talk sey e no go possibu. Some don sidon see the matta, analyse and reason am di wey I dey reason am. E go dey hard to reash dat level sha.
Twale to WaZoBia.FM. Dem dey foster unity for we country because dem no dey speak only one lingo favour one side. Dat na why people like to dey listen to WaZoBia. My papa and ma le like dat FM wellu-well sef. My ma le dey like the way Chinedu (Nedu) dey read dem sey- dem sey and my Papa dey like to listen to Lady G for WaZoBia Abuja. My papa belive sey Abuja WaZoBia beta pass Lagos, but that one na anoda tori.
we musicians dey try sef. see as Alobam sef don enta we brokin language. words like Skelewu, shoki, sekem. dem don transfa from dia original form con adapt to we everyday brokin. even Ausa ‘Aboki’ di real meaning no be as we dey use am, but we don shange am to di way wey we wan use am.
I go like am if dem bloggers go dey give us short-short tori for brokin, it go dey to dia advantage sef as dem go dey explore oda ways to dey write sumthing.
I for like if we go stop to dey laff pipo wey no sabi talk betta english. Na so one guy dey yarn about the time wey him see say gbagaun no funny at all. Na for I read am. Him yarn sey:
“Na so the thing no funny when I see say even as English be the main language of obodo Nigeria, we get over 20 languages for the same time. I con see sey even with this kassala, we go dey laugh people we no fit to speak English well. We no get right to dey laugh person wey no grow for our area or wey be ajepaco The point of lingo sef na to express yoursef. Even if you read pass … and i no sabi wetin you talk, you don fail pata-pata be that.”
I go like if una visit reason with am
We get authentic Naija lingo, and we lingo na brokin aka pidgin.
If u no sabi any word, make you go go search for di word o. Thank you all.


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