Dear Nigerians…

It’s quite unfortunate that many Nigerians have not gotten the hang of bank operations and all the technologies that come along with it. Many are uneducated unfortunately many of them would not get to read this post. I’d share it nonetheless.
Dear Nigerians BEFORE YOU USE the ATM, please:

  1. Decide in your heart, the way you decided your faith, the amount of money you want to withdraw. You can even make good use of the queue to do your contemplations. DON’T go to the machine and then begin to contemplate.
  2. It’s a machine, do not punch the bottons and pour all your frustrations on the machine
  3. Biko, please, ejo, don Allah, if you are withdrawing about a hundred thousand upwards, ENTER the bank and join the queue and make your withdrawal.
  4. Please don’t go about shouting at people using the ATM when it’s not their fault that the machine is acting up.
  5. Don’t be causing confusion anyhow and be on more than one queue.
  6. Please do not request for a reciept if you know you would just squeeze it and throw in the bin. Some people would not even look at the paper. Ladies and gents, you are wasting resources.
  7. All Nigerians are equal before the ATM. There is no big-manism. Carry your megalomania elsewhere.
  8. Don’t come and be using sentiments to get your money and go. E.g “My daughter, please let me stay in your front…”, “My son…”, e.t.c. e.t.c. We are all in a hurry too and we do not like standing too. It’s okay to allow nursing mothers and pregnant women use the ATM when they ask.
  9. Do not use your office as excuse. Members of the joint task force, police, civil defence, gbogbo e. Read number 7 again.
  10. make sure your ATM card is actually in your pocket.

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