My Hair is Dyed So What?

Nigerians are a very judgemental and hypocritical people and this culture isIMG_20150807_190531_edit just beyond me.
So, my hair is dyed red or is it brown now, uggh! I actually do not know what colour it is. Anyway, it was a choice that I made, a choice that MY MOTHER SUPPORTED, a choice that MY FATHER PAID FOR. So why on earth do people care why I have the colour of my hair altered.
Thing is, as humans, we feel troubled when someone decides to be different because we feel our existence threatened. However, by dying my hair to gold or wine or black is no one’s business.
I was going to use the library in my Uni and I carrying my hair in a ‘fro when the security woman stopped me and spoke to me with  great indignation . This convo ensued;
S.W is for security woman.
S.W – “Is this your natural hair?”
ME – “Yes”
S.W -“This is your natural hair?! Your natural hair colour?”
ME – “Oh no, I dyed it.”
S.W – “So you do not like the natural colour that God gave you?”

I only looked away and walked passed her. There was no point continuing that conversation. The whole thing just got me thinking. That my parents are okay with it, and even if they weren’t, they respect the fact that I’m grown and can be responsible for my actions, so what on earth was her business?  I remember someone telling me she did not like it. Is it on your head?
Many people call my hair crazy when I twist it or carry a twist out. For Pete’s sake it’s my natural hair, it is not crazy. God was not crazy when he decided that the texture of my hair be wooly. It’s not crazy that I’m learning to take care of my natural hair and have also decided to dye it. It is not crazy that I’m not regular like that. Being different is not the same as being crazy. Another thing, if that ‘fro was something I attatched to my hair with the same colour, would have been better for her?
Ladies, it’s not okay when we insult our fellow women for the kind of hair they choose to carry. It’s not okay when we question their actions whether directly or indirectly. If they want to shave it all off, leave them, if they want to braid it rainbow, leave them. Truth is, it is their hair and their choice. If it’s truly awful, they’d see it themselves and if they do not see it, it’s also okay.
We should learn to respect the choices people make. I know as Nigerians we have a long way to go, but it would be nice if as individuals we imbibe the better attitude


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