Why Do You Own A Smart Device?

This write-up is specially dedicated to those people who do video coverage at occasions, but do not know the rudiments of covering an occassion; for those who use sophisticated devices and do not know what a browser is.
It’s a wonderful thing to own sophisticated devices that can do awesome stuff such as making videos and snapping photos, but I doubt that when say, Apple Inc. designed their devices they had chaos in mind. By chaos, I mean show-off. Unnecessary show-off.
These sophisticated devices were created for services beyond aggrevated show-off services of the middle class or to-be middle class. Mind you, this is not an attack on anybody, so to speak, rather an attack on a growing trend amongst a few privileged in Nigeria.
It is bad enough that our economy is, well, what it is. It is bad enough that majority of Nigerians are poor. It is bad enough that there are uprisings and insecurity everywhere. It is bad enough that my ‘It is bad enough’ list is endless, so why do you android/ipad/tablet-owning middle-class Nigerians want to add to the list of Nigeria’s problems?
Yes, Nigerians are naturally a show-off people. One person wants to out do the other. I mean I read an article where a woman observed that “The average Nigerian woman [Man] is dressed like a pop-star. Yes, even men too.
It is also bad enough and extremely sad to have observed that many, especially older people do not know how to use these things except for photographs and reading the bible. Then the younger ones for twitter, instagram and facebook.
I believe when an occassion is being held, the organisers arrange for cameramen to cover the occassion for them. It is okay though, for guests to take a few snapshots. What is not okay, is when the guest(s) become the cameraman/woman of the event, which of course is my case.
I happened to be at my cousin’s graduation July this year and it was just awful, the way the parents of the graduands walked up to the stage to take photos and make videos of the singing graduands when they were rendering their number. The performance, i suppose, was to be enjoyed by all the guests, sitted on the seats provided for by the school. These proud mothers, sisters, uncles, guardians stood up, confused the singing children, pushed the legit cameraman`to the side, flash lights everywhere, all in a bid to get a snapshot of their ward/child.
I mean, I would be proud and happy when my child is graduating, but to fool myself around like that, I wouldn’t appreciate. Thing is, at the end of the day, they were all in a struggle for a front row covering, pushing themselves and capuring their opponent’s hands or devices, instead of the faces of their children.
It is sad truly, for videos that would end up being deleted that day or even the minute they sit down.
At the time the iPad was still an uncommon jewel, a woman in my church would stand up and make video coverage of somethings, quite unnessesary, in my opinion. It’s wrong. And it is done everywhere, for every occassion. Some shy mothers will send their children to take the photo or make the videos themselves. Children who know nothing about taking good photographs or making good videos.
I also observed this in 2012, when a classmate left the examination hall for our A’level exams and entered the class to use her browser. At that time I did not have a paper. Babe did not know where the browser was and she wanted to cheat. All she knew was where the camera, photo editor and twitter was. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking selfies. It is however important to be in the know. Know things, use google, no matter how stupid your inquiry is (I’m feeling lucky) you may just find the answer. Do not wait for gossip. The world is vast and it is changing. Educate yourself, it is not too late and no one is too old to educate oneself. There’s a saying that when one has to hide something from Africans, all he had to do is put in a book. Books have become electronic and accessible and is no longer hidden, but we still hide ourselves from knowledge.
All I’m trying to say is that when we are invited as guests for an occassion, we should try to remain guests. Don’t galavant the hall in the name of taking photographs or making videos and then end up obstructing the view of those who actually want to gain something. And if you like how how the occassion had turned, then be kind and buy a copy from the appointed cameraman. This I know is the computer age, we make up the ‘Google generation’, we are millenials and everyone wants to stay relevant and up-to-date, but we truly cannot afford to distrupt the balance of events or occassions all in the bid to stay relevant.
My advice is to contact the man or woman who covered the occassion and ask him to customise the video to your liking, that is, burn the parts of the events you are intrested in and send it to your device, that is if you must have it on your device. That way, you have a clear copy that you wouldn’t just delete especially when you think about the amount you paid for it.
These devices have changed lives and brought about innovations. It’s best we use them for more useful things and not just photographs and videos.
Not everything is a show-off parade. Truly. Nonetheless, answer me this, Why do you own a smart device?


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