It’s a Shameful Thing to be Dark- skinned.


If you haven’t heard, there’s something called Colourism and it hovers around you and me like a disturbed spirit. Colourism is suffered in all parts of the world, within every non-white race. People of colour — A term I really dislike — suffer colourism withing their own racial circle.
Wikipedia defines colourism as:
“Discrimination based on skin color, or colorism, is a form of prejudice or discrimination in which human beings are treated differently based on the social meanings attached to skin color.”
Regretfully, It’s a shameful thing to be dark skinned/black and I know this first hand. Wikipedia further adds that:
“The abundance of colorism is a result of the global prevalence of “pigmentocracy,” a term recently adopted by social scientists to describe societies in which wealth and social status are determined by skin color. Throughout the numerous pigmentocracies across the world, the lightest-skinned peoples have the highest social status, followed by the brown-skinned, and finally the black-skinned who are at the bottom of the social hierarchy. “
Shadism is like colourism; it is prejudice on the basis of skin pigmentation. This form of discrimination can be intraracial and interracial and is common in African and Caribbean, Hispanic, Indian, Chinese, and Aboriginal cultures.
Unlike rascism and colourism, shadism is a higher degree of discrimination; In addition to the discrimination often coming from a member of the same race, the victim is often compared to another person of the same race, but who has a different shade of lightness or darkness.
It’s a thing of joy when one discovers she’s a lighter shade than a friend as one discovers that he/she is not the darkest of dark skins on the skin colour wheel.

I remember an old schoolmate saying “God forbid” when she was told she was the same shade as I am.
Or when my vice principal at secondary school picked only light skinned girls to represent the school at a parade.
The way boys will pick a light skinned girl over a dark skinned girl just because…
The girls that are born light-skinned naturally feel better than and/or prettier than dark-skinned girls
I went visiting at my younger brother’s school and his mate whom I became friends with said to me that he was better than me because he is fair and I am black (he did not even use dark skinned) I was of course really shocked that a 13 year old boy thought he’s better than me, but do I blame him?
Since Agbani Darego, light skinned girls get to win the pagaents and the dark skinned girls are ignored.
A very good friend of mine was too over-whelmed when she discovered that the Lagos scorching sun had begun to change her skin complexion. I recall her saying something of the sort “I was born fair, why will i now start turning dark? Abeg I need to do something about it”. I’m unsure you know how that felt. She saying that to her dark skinned friend. I did not take offense only because she was my friend and I know she meant no harm. But thinking again, I realise that she mostly driven to take care of her skin because she was turning dark.
But there, it shows how deeply rooted colourism or shadism is in our society. And whether we like it or not, it is, just like rascism, here to stay. Shadism is traditionally deemed to affect women more strongly than men, due to the influences of European female beauty standards and their effect on self-esteem and perceived female attractiveness. However, men too face that reality.
Light-skin is the new black, or blond whichever way you like to see it.
Then there are music videos and the prevalence of light-skinned girls over the booty shaking, think and curvy, dark-skinned girls.
I remember watching the video of ‘Caro’ together with my dad and I complained about how dark-skinned girls are hardly the ones in focus in a music video. His reply was that something must be wrong with us.
That ‘something wrong’ with us is our skin shade. That wasn’t him being a shadist (Hollering also at those who be throwing shade from left to right LOL), but it only emphasises the problem in our society and the world at large.
What exactly is the cause of colourism or shadism?
Why do people bleach their skin? According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 77 per cent of Nigerian women use bleaching creams
Is it merely colonial mentality, or do we blame globalisation or enculturation that begins in our homes?
Or do we simply say the victims of bleaching and shade-shaming suffer culture-cringe or inferiority complex?

Elnathan John called them victims, and I agree with him. Some of them are victims of shadism or shade shaming and it is unfair and repulsive

I’ve been called “Black beauty” quite a number of times and honestly I’m not sure what to think about being called that. Other girls of shades lighter than mine, or light skinned girls are simply called beautiful or pretty but never “fair beauty” or “Brown beauty”, except of course …
It hurts being called ‘Blackie’ and sometimes, as aware as I am of this stupidity, it gets on my nerves and I’m deeply hurt and i know it wouldn’t get better and society will continue to promote it.
But I’ll end this post reminding everyone that beauty is only skin deep.
#EndColourism #SayNotoColourism #Darkskinnedandwinning


Political shenanigans and jagbajantis.

This here is another political rant — or not — that the market women, artisans, drivers of Nigeria will not get to read. Just like the others they have now used to wrap bole, puff-puff or fried yam.
These group of people have become victims of baseless propaganda. The same media telling them not to be violent is the same media government-shaming an opponent. I’m neither in support of Mr. Jonathan or General Buhari and this writing is not to castigate them either. My problem is with the friends of these presidential candidates who have taken it upon themselves to campaign and endorse the candidate of their choice.
Whatever will be written here will not be new to any reader but let it still be that it was written anyway.
The politics of the West is characterised by liberals, conservatives, communist or socialists, capitalists and so on. They camapaign, shape policies and give qualitative arguments /debates — using economic tools like graphs and charts — based on ideologies they believe in, likewise the voters or citizens. Notice how many Nigerians who could afford to watch the presidential debate between Obama and his opponent followed it like they were Americans themselves.
But, of course, in a country like Nigeria, with over 160 million people of different nationalities, the only campaign or political tool that can be propagandarised is Religion.
I wonder, sometimes, how God must feel, having people claim they know his mind. It is pretty difficult of course to read the mind of a fellow human — well, except if one is gifted in the art of the occult — talkless of a supreme God
Now, mama Bisi the market woman doesn’t know that the church — Mosque or shrine — has no business with state. Don’t be quick to call her illiterate. However, politicians, camapaign managers, friends of politicians, religious clerics, and traditional rulers are aware that she and so many others like her, who unfortunately make a great percentage of the Nigerian population are ignorant of the fact.
This is why politicians and their campaign managers do not bother to work on the intelligence of the candidate’s speech, or its implications. That they are aware that a greater part of the electorate falls under the lower-middle class, they spend time getting customised bags of rice and wrappers, because they are aware that the people will vote for whoever shows off his capabilities to ’empower — I dislike the way it is used in Nigeria—‘ them with perishable goods.
The politics of twitter is quite an interesting one. One would find intellectuals with such impressive profoundness paying their two pence and one nairas in the form of opinion from behind their screen. Whether these people believe the things they say or not is left to them. But they are a part of a small percentage that are not ignorant of the many flaws that constitute the politics of Nigeria.
They are the ones that know that the world has become a global village and aware of international politics being the order of the 21st century
They are the ones who get to research and find out more information on a particular issue if they choose to. They are the ones that do not just take in false propaganda because they are aware.
Kanayo’s driver said he will vote Mr. Jonathan, not because he is competent or intelligent, but because if General Buhari comes in, he will turn everybody into muslims.
As for some parts of northern Nigeria, like Plateau that is crises-torn, will vote Jonathan not because they actually think him a man of the people, but because Buhari is Fulani and a Muslim and cannot be trusted.
So, the electorate is divided into 2. The ones who claim they have to choose between ‘The devil and the deep blue sea’ and the ones who chose the christain because the muslims have an agenda that the rest of us are yet to see. The former form a small percentage, while the latter forms a greater percentage of the electorate.
Now this is where the media comes in. Since the latter have made their choice already, why not feed their fears? Why not let people with subjective opinions pay their way through into causing disunity? What happened to ethics? Or is it because bad news and everything bad sells faster and gets greater audience.
The victims of baseless propaganda. political shenanigans and the various mind games that lead to violence are the poor and ignorant.
I sincerely hope the elections go on smoothly and there are no casualties and our dear politicians accept whatever the electorate decides in good faith
In the meanwhile, dear Nigerian citizens discuss political issues with friends, family and colleagues, but do not impose your beliefs on them
Vote for the candidate of your choice and do not let anyone convince you otherwise.

our masters

They are the masters. The ones who decide our fate, for our fate had never been ours to decide.
They decide if we move forward or backward. They are God’s spokesmen and some even claim to be like God.
They feed on our differences and cause great pandemonium
They eat and drink as they like, while we sit legs crossed on the floor racking our brains on what to eat to survive.
Throwing parties, they do without difficulty. But they wouldn’t let us eat the crumbs under their table.
These masters. Our masters, own houses and cars. While we live on the streets and at the top of eachother.
They suffer a disease called ‘Big Man syndrome’. It’s only cure is poverty and so to stay healthy, they say Rich.
They have the power to steal and destroy. They killed Mama Bisi’s daughter in one of their political rituals
Their houses are fortified and are more secure than our maximum prison
We dare not near the perimeters of their fortress.
It is them and Us. They matter, we don’t for we are mere men. Common man.
They’ve eaten up the national cake and are still fighting for the crumbs
Our masters will die in power because dying out of power is impossible.
Their generations unborn own fates more secure than ours.
They of course, are the leaders of tomorrow, while our own children become nuisances to the society.
Our masters do not have souls. Mama calls them mad. I think they are power drunk.
They promise us one thing today, and sprint away from their promises another day.
Our masters came after our oppressor, but our masters are worse than the former.
They, like the Knights of the round table sit and play us like the game of chess in rounds.
They are our masters and our gods. Our job is to work for them and worship them.

save me.

I never wanted this to happen you know

I think I’m losing my mind

This was never my choice, so don’t judge me

Life. Life just decided not to be on my side

What did I get for enduring?




I let the internet feed me, but it’s never enough.

I blab and blab till cyber space cannot take anymore of my blabbing

Till my cyber acquaintances unfollow me

I’m tired. You have no idea.

I’ve lost my mind


I’ve lost you too

When will this be over?

When will this end? When will I be free to be me?

This space that was reserved for me by time has become too small.

Save me. Will you?

untitled 2

It begins gradually, and you think you can manage it. All alone, you’re left with just you.

They’re all gone managing the day, but you cannot get your life moving.

Night turned day. Again and again.

Till you begin to feed it.

Space so big, becomes like a rat hole.

Pace up, pace down.

Sit up, sit down.

Lie, stand, sleep.

T.V, food.

Then it begins to affect your memory Because you cannot remembU me

Then you feed on yourself. Since being your own companion is the best.

Eat up your skin and your soul.

Life after all has nothing to offer.

Is My Christianity Enough; and Must it Be At Odds With Feminism?

Mind of Malaka

I feel like I’ve discussed this before, but here goes again…

Fresh off the heels of my conversation with Wiyaala I contacted my BFFFL, Nana Darkoa, who is as all who are even vaguely acquainted with her the consummate feminist. I gave her the highlights of our first conversation since the audio had failed and she would be unable to hear Wiyaala’s comments herself. Wiyaala talked about how she is a feminist advocate because she believes in girls’ education and is against child marriage.

“Awww. I’m touched by what she said about feminism,” Nana said in her voice note on What’sApp. “Ah. But, Malaka. You clearly care about these issues. You need to accept that you are a feminist and admit that your problems with feminism derive from the weird/warped way in which white women have practiced feminism! Just call yourself an African feminist…declare the type of feminist you are…

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Letter to the Nigerian Music Industry.

It’s pretty upsetting, how Nigerian music has degenerated.
One would rarely find music from the 60s-80s in the market. Even if one found anything close to that, it would be some kind of pirated compilation.
I hate that I cannot go to my local music vendor and get someone like Tosyn Bucknor’s album.
The Nigerian music industry makes it hard for other genre’s to be absorbed, it’s really annoying. I’m happy for the re-establishment of bashment, thanks to Cynthia Morgan, Patoranking and Burna Boy.There are Nigerians who listen to rock. Why can’t the industry absorb talents out there who have the art in them? It’s not only the oyinbo man that can do rock now, abi?

There’s New Age, funk, alternative (fill genre)
But it’s like one has got to make some kind of bam-bam, jim-jim, pangolo music to be accepted.
Life isn’t all about Afro-beats. We cannot keep working with this all beats and no lyric pattern.
We live in a society where many issues are hushed.
They say ‘Don’t talk, shh!’.
We are taught to look away when something that affects us all happens.
I’m happy for the likes of Jesse Jags, Asa, Brymo, etc.
I just really think we need a whole lot more of these kind of people with good lyrics.
We aren’t always clubbing and hitting bangerz.
In a typical Nigerian album it is Bam-bam Jim-jim Pangolo – 50%, auto tune -45% and 1% for the moderate music.
I hear artistes say ‘I’m doing it for the art’, but most times for some of these artistes there’s basically no art. Where is the art if there’s just one genre?

Art is limitless, In my opinion.
Then there’s the excessive use of auto tune Puh-lease don’t make me deaf. Abeg!
There’s more to life than your numerous haters. We all have haters, get over yourself and give us good lyric.
I’m sincerely tired of hearing musicians telling us to shake booty. What about those numerous girls who don’t have booty to shake?
One would scroll through music channels and find one jollof music or another playing.
Very disheartening.
I think I’m done.


The inexperienced youth.

My Beef With Nigerian TV stations

I couldn’t have written this any better.


1. NTA

Have you ever seen the background of NTA’s 9pm news? It’s horrible! It looks like someobody threw up. (Ok it doesn’t but you get my point). I have been watching NTA news since I was born (because my mother hardly ever misses it) and I have never seen a very clear NTA channel. Their video resolution is always somehow. The picture quality is always poor. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a black and white TV or 3D tv it’s the same nonsense. Need I mention their news is a joke. It wasn’t always a joke, but now it is. If it’s not “President Goodluck Jonathan, today…” It’s one minister or one governor or something else. I wonder if they are capable of reporting anything other than government propaganda. By the way, can someone tell them to stop wearing that traditional attire, it’s too much.


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Out of Africa Always Something New.

‘Ex Africa semper aliquid novi’
Pliny the Elder.
Africa is not united. Africans only have shared suffering. Its ‘unity’ is in the suffering.
The ‘being African/black’ kind of suffering.
The dark continent kind of suffering.
The third world kind of suffering
The undeveloped continent kind of suffering.
The anti-colonial cause had provided a unity of purpose.
African states have origins as colonial territories in common
It has similar hazards in common
African states have suffered so many of the same misfortunes.

Colonial master is done with you and has gone.
Colonial master left you to rule
You told Colonial master that you would be just and true to democracy
How has democracy worked for you?
Colonial master is from a land where a nation becomes a country
You are from the land where nations become country
A continent with many tribes and many nations
You have failed because you cannot rule like Colonial master
Colonial master found what more or less works for him
That is why Britian runs a mornachy
They did not copy the Americans
The Americans did not copy the Russians
They had their skirmishes,
But that is another story.
A story for them to study — their history.
Shouldn’t we be a community?
We share the same values
We are a cultured people
Shouldn’t we be the United Nations of Africa?
Our beliefs, customs and traditions are similar — not neccessarily the same.
Should we have been ‘The Confederation of African Nations’?
But we aren’t united.
After the euphoria of the Independence era
You allowed so many hopes and ambitions fade
You allowed the future of Africa
To be spoken of only in pessimistic terms
What did you do instead of being just and true?
You allowed your ambitions to lay more in accumulating positions of power,
Wealth and status,
more in developing a high bourgeoisie,
Than in transforming society. You lived the ‘Platinum life’.
You found you could win votes by appealing for ethnic support.
So when you got into power, you improved government services
And development projects in your home area.
You allowed ethnicity to provide the strongest political base — ‘Kinship corporations’
You wanted to rule like Colonial master
You became conscious of your nationality
Just to rule like Colonial Master
Chief Obafemi Awolowo wrote:
“Nigeria is not a nation. It is a mere geographic expression.
There are no Nigerians
In the same sense as there are “English”, “Welsh”, or “French””
He described the word “Nigerian” as “a distinctive appellation to distinguish those
Who live in the boundaries of Nigeria and those who are not.”
Post-independence neo-colonialist
that became 21st century neo-colonialist
You fought.
You fought the Hutu man and killed the Tutsi woman
But just like you, they both spoke the ‘KinyaRwanda’
You allowed Genocide in Rwanda
You killed the Igbo man and treated the Hausa man with disdain
You allowed the Nigerian civil war
You destroyed Somalia
Guerilla after guerilla
You employed child soldiers to work for you
You robbed them of the bliss of childhood
From Uganda to Liberia to Congo
You were ruthless
You thought your tribe was superior
You were born to rule, so what?
Colonial master has put us all together
Nearly one half of the new frontiers imposed on us were geometric lines
Lines of latitude and longitude,
Others straight lines or arcs of circles.
Our leaders agreed that these boundaries remain
So don’t be too quick in judging Colonial master.

Because of you and Colonial Master
I’ve seen that
Gender equality is Utopia
World peace is Utopia
Utopia is where racism and sexism ends
Utopia has no religion;
But Utopia is another world entirely.
Our world is reality
Gender inequality is reality
War and conflict is reality
Disorder in world politics and governance is our reality
Corruption is our greatest reality
Ethnic rivalry is our reality
Religious conflict is the knife in our throat.
You, Sayyid Qutb and I created the Jihad ideology
You and I allowed underground Islamists guerilla organisations
You and I made Eygpt collapse
You and I allowed the war between South Sudan and North Sudan
You and I made war in Algeria
You and I allowed Boko Haram to thrive.

Now Africa is beyond damaged and the cycle of the African plague goes on and on.
Well, You and I would have fix it.
Like it or not.
Let’s be the Africa that birthed Mandela.
We must, for this
Belongs to
Me and You
Belongs to Us.

If #ThisTweet Were an Actual Poem — A compilation.

So, this is a compilation of tweets from different people that I thought were spot-on. I added a few words to it. I think it should have been longer because #ThisTweet trend touched many societal issues, but I kinda got tired. LOL. I hope you enjoy it.
I’d like to acknowledg.e a few people whose tweets/wisdom contributed to this: Ohiolei @Ohioleii ; hassan. @hassytee; baby boy. @iamrilwan ; eghonghon @eghonghon_ ; Lade Tawak • Iyalode @deaduramilade ; Fettuccine Fiend @KeksiOsheeks; Mr. Oreo @LaseTawak ; BLKKSKNHD @txchukwu ; Oluwatosin Adeshokan @theOluwatosin ; Assumpta Chukwu! ‏@AssumptaCharles.
If you find your tweet here and I forgot to mention your name, forgive me and thanks for your wisdom.


#ThisTweet is #ThisTweet
#ThisTweet is that tweet
#Thistweet is tribute to Mutabaruka’s ‘Dispoem’ — Watch/read up that poem if you must.
#ThisTweet is imperfectly perfect
#ThisTweet is beautifully flawed
#ThisTweet is a metaphor
#ThisTweet is the unspoken words that say the most
#Thistweet is for all the words unspoken and the silence said.
#ThisTweet is too sweet for these streets.
#ThisTweet is wrong;
#ThisTweet is right.
#ThisTweet is short;
#ThisTweet is long.
#ThisTweet is simple;
#ThisTweet is hard.
#ThisTweet is life;
#ThisTweet is death.
#Thistweet is a knife to your throat.
#ThisTweet is suicide notes.
#ThisTweet is the boil in your arm pit when you need crutches.
#ThisTweet is the fire in your heart.
#ThisTweet is five words long. Six …Seven …Eight!
#ThisTweet is what you want it to be;
#ThisTweet is who you want to be.
#Thistweet is not a toast, this tweet is not lamb to a cause.
#Thistweet is the personification of an event.
#ThisTweet is smart but clueless.
#ThisTweet is the stupidity in our purported wisdom.
#ThisTweet is a question For why everything must be a contest.
#ThisTweet is an embellished propaganda set to send us back into slavery.
#Thistweet shouldn’t be complex.
#Thistweet should be easily understood.
#thistweet is hell in session. This tweet is a nation in rebellion.
#ThisTweet will break your spine whenever you fathom what #Thistweet is about.
#ThisTweet is the naked truth clothed and sweating under a pile of lies.
#ThisTweet is a burden
#ThisTweet is your want for brighter tomorrow
#ThisTweet is the revolution
#ThisTweet is the exodus from our genesis.
#ThisTweet is the genesis of our revelation.
#ThisTweet is the wages of sin
#ThisTweet is the absolution of sins.
#ThisTweet is a war coming soon.
To defend her unity and honour and glory.
#ThisTweet is the state of Africa.
#ThisTweet is our Nigeria
#ThisTweet is for Nigerians
#ThisTweet is not a blackman
#ThisTweet is not whiteman
#ThisTweet is not the colour between black and white
#ThisTweet is not a person of colour
#ThisTweet is human
#ThisTweet is You
#ThisTweet is Me
#ThisTweet is Us
#ThisTweet is Them
#ThisTweet is Bob Marley
#ThisTweet is Fela Anikulapo-Kuti
#ThisTweet is Ken Saro Wiwa
#Thistweet believes in Nigeria
#Thistweet is Nigerian before Delta
#Thistweet is Nigerian before Edo
#ThisTweet is Ewedu, Tuwon shinkafa, Oha soup, Afang soup, Jollof rice and Chicken
#ThisTweet is Wa Zo Bia
#Thistweet will make #Nigeria work
#ThisTweet is the Nigeria that doesn’t work
#ThisTweet is Nepa and mosquitoes
#ThisTweet is bad roads and potholes
#ThisTweet is a checkpoint officer
#ThisTweet is his fifty Naira
#ThisTweet is not tomorrow’s leaders.
#ThisTweet is our ancient saggy bellied politicians not letting the ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ come into the light.
#ThisTweet is for the leaders of tomorrow who sadly are the nephews and nieces of the leaders of today.
#ThisTweet is the sins of thieving politicians.
#ThisTweet is blood.
#ThisTweet is oil.
#ThisTweet is for the future leaders. Those who are not afraid to be the change they want to see.
#ThisTweet speaks to the Nigerian Youth. The revolution has begun
The grounds are breaking
They cannot stop you
Be the change Nigeria needs.
#ThisTweet is for the ones that stay strong
The ones that refuse to be put down
The ones that stand up for what they believe.
#ThisTweet is the future of #Nigeria with less than thirty percent prospect.
#ThisTweet is a New Nigeria, the 5th Republic, the Crazy.
#ThisTweet is dictatorship
#ThisTweet is The Dictator
#ThisTweet is Abdel Nasser
#ThisTweet is Idi Amin
#ThisTweet is Sani Abacha
#ThisTweet is Robert Mugabe
#ThisTweet is Mobutu
#thisTweet is fear and oppression
#ThisTweet is the military
#thisTweet is party politics
#thisTweet is a hurting Africa.
#ThisTweet is for the parents that suffered just so their children could get the best education.
#Thistweet is not education that strikes it’s pupils.
#Thistweet is educational reform. One point agenda.
#ThisTweet is rich but has a poverty mentality
#ThisTweet is gold iPhones while there are missing girls
#Thistweet will not bring back our girls.
#ThisTweet does not think there is God.
#ThisTweet is hurt. Chai!
#ThisTweet is not seeking missing Principals.
#ThisTweet wants it’s girls
#ThisTweet is for the ones who have faith
Who hope,
Who believe,
#ThisTweet is for the ones that stay strong
The ones that refuse to be put down
The ones that stand up for what they believe.
#ThisTweet is for the people who feel the most alive when they’re inches away from death
#ThisTweet is for the Nigerian soldiers who fell in battle against terrorists.
#ThisTweet is for the goodbyes we never got to say.
#ThisTweet is for the Kainenes who never returned.
#ThisTweet is for Biafra.
#ThisTweet is bro ken
#Thistweet is tired, this tweet wills not to be tweeted but #Thistweet won’t stop tweeting.
#ThisTweet is the Nigerian youth tired of being jobless.
#ThisTweet is for friends
turned family Those that make sure that the beautiful memories always outshine the ugly ones;
People we trust.
We hope together;
We stay together.
#Thistweet will not trend.
#Thistweet is fucking sick of cliché.
#ThisTweet is already trending.
#ThisTweet is a conspiracy theory.
#ThisTweet is a taboo.
#ThisTweet is true talk.
#ThisTweet is not just a hashtag
#ThisTweet is more than a hashtag
#ThisTweet is the revolution.
#ThisTweet never ends