Feminism: Women and the Media.


“Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women.This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. A feminist advocates or supports the rights and equality of women”- Wikipedia; The Free Encyclopedia.

Before the advent of feminism, women were at home, cooking , cleaning , and taking care of the kids. This is candidly the role of a woman in the home, while the husband; the breadwinner goes about looking for means to provide for the family.

I am not against feminism, as this movement has given me the oppurtunity to be at school and type this article, and will let me look intimidatingly at my male collegues in the office, but do we ever see the ills of ‘bringing the women out’? Today “Common sense is all too often a casualty of the media culture we live in” Young girls, and women at large have become overly sexualized that the world thinks ‘Oh it’s normal’. NOT

“Mostly advertising has gotten much more powerful than ever before, much more intrusive than ever before. [In terms of] the tyranny of the ideal image of beauty–you know, the fact that we’re surrounded by this impossible image of beauty that makes us all feel bad–that’s much worse, because of computer retouching and Photoshop, and the ability that advertisers have these days to create absolutely impossible images.”- Jean Kilbourne

The 2011 documentary Miss Representation takes on this ever-worsening trend. While the situation the film presents is disheartening, its ultimate message is uplifting–that we can fight back, that there is a way to change how girls and women are represented through education and advocacy.

When we were given the chance to ‘come out’ it was to be ‘politically, economically, and socially equal’. That was the motive. Where then did things decide to go wrong?

It happened like this; from covering of our hair and wearing really long dresses and skirts to smoking and cutting the dresses short. From cutting our dresses short to taking off bra’s and burning them. From taking out bra’s and burning them to walking on the streets without anything.

Women, what do you see as morally right and socially acceptable?

What defines your beauty?

We should remember that women do not have to be sexy to be important, beautiful or be socially acceptable.

The concept of feminism and libralism have in their own ways altered every iota of moral left in the human race that every wrong in our liberal 21st century is right.
Most women and young girls seem to have forgotten the reason the men decided to move aside ‘a bit’ to let us be heard.

Now that children have become sexualized, see ‘Toddlers& Tiaras’, and women have to dress in a certain way to be acceptable in some ways the men have found a way all over to ‘bully’ or ‘abuse’ us.

They are now free to sing songs about your behinds and your bossoms while you twist and turn to it. They are very free now to rape and molest us( so sometimes, we shouldn’t even complain). They no longer love you for who you are, but love you because you have big behinds or big bossoms. They will only love you if you are of a specific shape and size.

I am not against the use of make-up and modern clothing not because they sometimes accentuate our ‘natural assets’ not neccessarily in a demeaning way, but because it is what we have been told or believe is clothing and in some way adapted.

When reading this, I urge you to be candid and objective.

I have noticed that with or without feminism, women are still at loss, and will still be if media permits humanity to keep sexualizing our generation, and the coming generations of girls.

Future of Feminism: No More Sexualization of Women.